our vision

Learning is Fun

We at Hilltop kindergarten understand that children tend to play more and pay attention to their study less. The Hilltop teachers who are very well qualified, apply modern concepts of education so that children never tired or bored of their school. We believe that learning is fun, so that children play and learn at the same time.

The owners of Hilltop Kindergarten are retired educators who spent many years teaching children and knows very well the difficulty of getting children to learn new concepts and understandings. Children always prefer playing to set down and learn.

At story time, there is always concertation on stories that can teach children to be cooperative and friendly towards other children. Stories that teaches kindness and sympathy. 



Educational Aims

  • Preparing children for school and discipline.
  • Develop curiosity & exploring.
  • Develop indpendence and self reliance.
  • Develop social integration.
  • Help children gain the sense of belonging to society.